This game has a linear story. Paying attention to the other character's dialogue will help you progressing the game.
My first work of story adventure game with three characters; based on concepts of past, present and future, I'll make three of them as a main character which has their own characteristic, goals and ego. You'll be play a role of protagonist as a 'present', who stuck between 'past(Val)' and 'future(Mona)'. 'future' is the one you should accompany with and escape together from strange, awkward world. But 'future' doesn't seem to like to run away with you, or she even doesn't understand why she should get out of this dangerous land. So what will gonna happen next?

Release date Aug 30, 2019
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Narrative, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout an hour

Development log


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as a nice story, and the graphics are pretty nice(reminds me of Atari 2800) but sometimes it get's sorta blinding, and the story is nice, cool little adventure game


Thank you for playing and also for nice comment! I got some feedback like as you said there's some point that stuck and can't find way out. I hope I'll make a better game some time :)